Please select the items you require from the shopping baskets highlighted in red on the left menu. All items on smaller orders are generally on 5-7 working days delivery on standard 2-3 days courier, should our Express courier next day service be required this lead in time can be reduced to 3 days and can be purchased at an additional cost. All our transactions are through the secure PayPal centre as used by Ebay etc.

Please refer to our price lists for the supply or return plenum size suitable for your required fan coil with the number of required outlets.  Purchase this plenum (or plenums) in the shopping basket with the corresponding model number to that within the price list. 

A silver phenolic foam 22mm thick wall supply or return plenum with various options for number and spigot sizes with final order details to be confirmed by yourselves on our order form that will be automatically emailed to you when you purchase an item.

On the confirmation order form you can confirm the following:-

Your contact details & company information, order number (if required) and delivery address and required date.

You confirm the quantity required for each fan coil and enter manufacturer & model number, you also confirm the quantity and size of spigots plus their required position from our easy to read diagram.
Here you also confirm whether a standard type with round spigots or shallow type of plenum is required (manufactured to be the same size as the fan coil oulet flange plus 50mm for insulation/tolerances with oval spigots suitable for flexible ducting only) and this will be no higher than the fan coils when required for the tight installation ceiling voids.
If VCD's (volume control dampers) have been purchased to be added to the fan coil units spigots you can identify which ones require them here.


Should you also require our competitively priced pre-selected grille packs these can also be purchased from the shopping baskets on the left.