Technical information regarding manufacturing materials

Technical Specifications


 Lightweight Phenolic Plenums

The lightweight phenolic rigid foam panels are rapidly taking the place of traditional lagged galvanised sheet plenums and grille boxes.  They are up to 85% lighter, pre-insulated so no further insulation visit is required and the material cost is cheaper.

They come pre-assembled and require only one person to install. The grille boxes can normally sit on the ceiling grid with no other support, which speeds up and saves costs on the time taken to install.

·                The 22mm thick panels are faced on both sides with a protective low vapour permeability 23 micron black-coated aluminium foil reinforced with a 5mm scrim.

·                Manufactured without the use of CFC's & HCFC's with a zero Ozone Depletion Level (ODP).

·                Thermal conductivity: 0.021 W/mK at 10°C mean temperature.

·                40 kg/m3 density.


·                120kPa compressive strength.


·                20mm insulation thickness.


·                Achieves a Class O fire rating and low risk rating.


·                Boxes pre-assembled with correct spigot connections. Boxes can be modified simply on site if required to add spigots.


·                Precision engineered by computerised machinery and hand assembled.


·                Compatible with any grille or fan coil unit.


·                Can be supplied with incorporated balancing dampers.